Head Instructor
Patrick Leung
Ron Noronha

Instructor Profile: Ron Noronha

Before taking up Tai Chi, Ron had many years’ experience in Shotokan Karate and obtained a 2nd Dan Black Belt with Canada JKA Federation in 2000.

After spending two years learning Aikido, Ron began his Tai Chi and LokHupBaFa journey in 2005 under Ben Chung (ZWTA) and now continues it with Patrick Leung.

He has been instructing at the Mississauga Center since 2013.

He enjoys line dancing, watching soccer, reading and meditation.

“What is true stillness? Stillness in movement,” Bruce Lee

Contact Ron at Mississauga@taichijourney.ca or by phone at 905-271-4348.

Note: Please check with us before attending your first class to make sure a class has not been re-scheduled.