Tai Chi Journey Thornhill

A Welcome from Joseph Breitner, Thornhill Club Lead

I am proud to be the Thornhill Club lead, “there is nothing more rewarding than giving.”

As a volunteer, my goal is to help everyone to focus on our journey (including myself) to a healthier life through Tai Chi. I’ll make sure all goes smoothly in the club during our journey.

I have a sense of duty to carry out this role, as way of continuing my late mother’s legacy of helping people.

I see a great journey ahead of us – a journey which will take us to a better connection better between mind, body and soul, to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

We are a community club. Your ideas to better accommodate each other’s needs and improve the club operations are always welcome.

Finally, I would like to add that I am blessed to be surrounded by so many good people in the club: from the Head Instructor and fellow volunteers to the newest members.

We all share the same Journey and the same goal.

Joe practicing Qigong in the mountains, Banff, Alberta

Thornhill Locations

National Ballroom Academy at #1 – 39 Glen Cameron Road, Thornhill (MAP)
Cyrus Community Centre at 160 Dudley Ave. , Thornhill (MAP)

We welcome new students and experienced tai chi practitioners who wish to learn the internal aspects of Tai Chi.
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