Mississauga – Fall Workshop Review

Mississauga Tai Chi Journey hosted its first workshop on 26 October 2019 at Christ the King Church, Etobicoke.

The workshop was conducted by Patrick Leung who covered a variety of topics including:

  •  Introduction to the fundamentals of Tai Chi and Qigong Exercises known as “Taming the Tendons”
  • Introduction to the first four energy/methods of the eight energy/methods of  Tai Chi.

  • Introduction to beginners’ meditation (Zhan Zhuang)
Three Positions of Standing Meditation
Seated Meditation

The highlight for many was the beginners meditation segment.

Participants had their questions answered by Patrick with an in-depth clarity along with some personal attention.

Many thanks to Patrick for his instruction and guidance in our Tai Chi journey,
to Melanie Dias, location leader MTCJ-Etobicoke for providing the spacious hall,
to Silvia Wineland TCJ – Danforth for the photographs.
And lastly thanks to all the members who attended to make it a very successful workshop.

We are looking forward to our next workshop sometime in the Spring of 2020.

Ron Noronha
Location Leader

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  1. Ron
    November 8, 2019

    Nice job G.

  2. Janny Cheng
    November 15, 2019

    Nice photos.

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