I think food is important for TCJ because we share it – or share the experience of eating it together.
So  it’s nice to show it off.

But its even better to show it off with people.

They can be

  • showing it to the camera
  • admiring it
  • offering it to someone
  • preparing it
  • we don’t usually look good on camera when we actually have it in our mouths.

So it’s good to take close-ups of the food
and photos of people with the food and
mix them up on the page.

Always use best photos first.

If photo looks bad, or makes the people look bad, don’t use it.

SIZING the Photo

For best quality, it’s good to take photos High Resolution or Large.

But to put them on a website, they should not be more that 300 kb in size or they take too long to load, and several on a page make the page slow.
So they almost always need to be sized down before they are uploaded. We need to figure out how everyone can do that.