Tai Chi Journey Vaughan

A warm welcome to Tai Chi Journey Vaughan/Thornhill

From the President – Joseph Breitner

“There is nothing more rewarding than giving.”

I am proud to be a member of the club.  As a volunteer, my goal is to help everyone to succeed on a journey (including myself) to a healthier life through Tai Chi and internal arts practices. I make sure all goes smoothly in the club and to facilitate a pleasant, friendly, and safe environment for members in classes, workshops and events.

I have a sense of duty to carry out this role, as way of continuing my late mother’s legacy in helping people.

I see a great journey ahead of us – a journey which will take us to a better connection between mind, body and spirit, to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Our success continues to rely on volunteers sharing the same mission and passion to help people at maintaining and improving physical and mental health in a holistic manner.

On behalf of the Board, welcome! Let us help each other on a Journey to a Healthier Life!

Joe practicing Qigong in the mountains, Banff, Alberta

About our club:

Tai Chi Journey Vaughan is a not-for-profit corporation.  We are approved as a Community Service Organization (CSO) by the city of Vaughan.

We provide multiple Tai Chi, Qigong and Internal Arts classes in Vaughan, Thornhill, and neighboring communities.  We also lead classes at senior homes in the area with a team of volunteers.

We are a volunteer based club. No one receives payment or compensation.  We value each of our members.  “Members come first” is our motto.

We pride ourselves in also being a social club by connecting different age groups, participating in community events and celebrating special occasions.

Board of Directors

Aaron Cheng, Beryl Nash, Joseph Breitner

Senior Home Instructors and Support Team

Susanna Kramer, Joanne Katz, Janny Cheng, Brian Molyneaux


National Ballroom Academy at #1 – 39 Glen Cameron Road, Thornhill (MAP)
Rosemount Community Centre at 1000 New Westminster Dr., Thornhill (

We welcome new students and experienced tai chi practitioners who wish to learn the internal aspects of Tai Chi.
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