Retirement Residence Classes

We bring Tai Chi and Qigong to our community.

The Tai Chi Journey Vaughan Senior Home Service Team provides Tai Chi classes at several senior homes in Thornhill and neighbouring areas.
The residents in these retirement homes look forward to our weekly sessions. They enjoy the movements, feel more relaxed and happier afterwards.

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One of the participants is A. Hughes, who was a founding teacher at a private school in Thornhill.
Here are his comments on his experience with Tai Chi:

As an 81 year old man with chronic leukemia I have been doing tai chi for 5 years.
I feel I have benefited greatly from this discipline. It has maintained and improved my flexibility and physical stamina.
By striving to do each element of the set well, my mental capacities have also been exercised.

The residents of the senior homes are always happy and appreciative when they see us, regardless of the season. They often feel uplifted after the session.

Retirement Home Support Team