2024 New Year Open House-visit from MPP

Celebrating Success at Our Open House

We are thrilled to share the success of our 2024 Open House event, where our Thornhill MPP, Laura Smith, honored us with her presence. Ms. Smith took the time to visit, listen, and understand the unique contributions each instructor brings to our club.

In our conversations with Ms. Smith, she expressed her delight and satisfaction with the myriad offerings we provide to the community. From thoughtfully crafted adult programs to impactful outreach initiatives and our dedication to volunteerism.

Ms. Smith was particularly impressed with the unwavering commitment, time, and expertise invested by our instructors and staff. Our passion for Tai Chi and dedication to fostering a healthy community did not go unnoticed.

The Open House was a resounding success, drawing a diverse and engaged audience. Attendees relished the opportunity to experience the wide range of exercises we offer, catering to various preferences and levels of expertise.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Laura Smith for her support and encouragement, and to all the volunteers who makes our club priceless. Together, we continue to create a space that fosters health, community, and the joy of Tai Chi.

Join us on this Journey to Wellness!

We received a certificate in recognizing our dedicated efforts in bringing affordable programs to our community.

Laura Smith MPP spoke to instructors of TCJ Vaughan and TCJ Danforth/Beaches

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