TCJ 7th Anniversary & CNY Celebration at Vaughan – Thornhill

Celebrating 7 Years of Tai Chi Journey Together! 

Today marked the joyous occasion of our 7th-anniversary celebration, where members from the Danforth- Beaches and Durham clubs joined Vaughan-Thornhill  in festivities. In addition to our invigorating Tai Chi and Lok Hup classes, everyone was treated to a delightful surprise – a lucky packet and a beautifully wrapped Mandarin orange.

With excitement in the air, each member eagerly unveiled their fortune from the traditional red packet, receiving personal blessings for this Year of the Dragon. Good vibes and cheer filled the room as we shared warm wishes.

The celebrations continued with a delectable lunch, featuring a diverse array of dishes as unique and flavorful as the wonderful individuals in attendance. Welcome new friends, and the event was a fantastic blend of joy, connection, and shared Tai Chi spirit. Here’s to many more years of health, happiness, and harmonious practice together! 🌟🥢🐉

Let’s set the stage for another year of prosperity and growth in our Tai Chi community.

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